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Copper Tubing Straightener And End Forming

Copper Tubing Straightener And End Forming

Copper tubing is a versatile tubing which has many uses. One of the main uses is in plumbing for supplying hot and cold water.  Also, Copper tubing is used with gas lines as well. These are just a few examples of how it used, but copper tubing is also a huge part of HVAC systems. The most common type of this tubing is soft copper and rigid copper.  Soft copper is also known as ductile, it easy to move and bend and is best for flare connections.

Rigid copper is usually used for water lines. As you may have guessed, rigid copper cannot be bent and uses elbow fittings to position around corners. Out of the two types, the soft copper is usually used in HVAC systems.  To straighten the copper tubing you need a tube straightener to do that and that is where Tridan comes in!

Straightening Copper Tubing

When it comes to straightening tubes, Tridan has an extensive line-up of machines to choose from. Our tube straighteners are the STMBC, STMC, STQC-4W, and the STVC. The STMBC and the STMC also have end forming capabilities as well as straightening. They are also belt fed which helps keep production moving right along. These machines are highly durable and have very little maintenance keeping downtime to a minimum.

For form ending, the STQC-4W End Former can produce bell or flare end on your tubes. By choosing a Tridan International machine you can rest assured you are getting one of the best machines today. Tridan has been producing tube fabrication machines for over 50 years. Our experience and expertise really reflect on all our products. If you would like a quote for our products please use our easy quote forms. Finally, if you have other questions please call us at 217-443-3592 and one of our experts will answer your concerns.

Copper Tube Straightener Equipment

Copper Tube Straightener Equipment

Copper Tubing is an integral part to any HVAC system. The primary use of copper tubing is to transport water either hot or cold inside buildings and homes. One of the other primary uses of copper tubing is for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Copper tubing is a great choice for an air-conditioning unit, because it is resistant to corrosion, machinability, great heat transfer, and also consumption of less refrigerant.

Reasons To Choose Copper Tube Over Aluminum

At one point aluminum was used over copper in air-conditioning units. In addition to being less expensive, aluminum also has high transfer properties. But the downside of the aluminum choice was the high maintenance costs. Aluminum is very hard to repair and most of the time needs to be totally replaced. Copper tube, on the other hand, is 8 times more durable than aluminum. With the best part being it is also a high thermal conductor.

Copper tube has pretty much-replaced aluminum in almost all condenser coils. The copper tubing has proved to be a much better option over its aluminum counterpart. Copper has superior strength, reliability, excellent heat transfer, and ease of repair all better than aluminum. When looking for copper tubing straightening tools, look no further than Tridan International.

Here at Tridan International, we have an extensive line-up of equipment for tube straightening.  Models such as the STMBC, STMC, STQC and the STVC are all available to help you with your tube straightening workload.  Of course, tube fabrication is not the only equipment we carry. We also have equipment for coil expansion, fin production, and even lubricants.

We have been working with some of the top HVAC manufacturers in the world and we know exactly the equipment you need. Let the experienced crew at Tridan International help you with your next purchase. Finally, give us a call today at 217-443-3592 or contact us now to order your next Tridan machine!


Aluminum Tube End Forming

Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum is becoming one of the most widely used metals in the world. Due to its light weight nature, many automotive companies are using it more and more. Only steel is used more than aluminum. Also, aluminum is a very common metal that can be found quite easily. In addition, aluminum is only a 1/3 dense as steel but is still extremely strong. Becuase of the lightweight nature, the aerospace industry uses it for many aspects of the industry.

Tube End Forming With Aluminum

Our tube end forming machines can help you with any type of materials you use, from aluminum to copper they can handle it all. We have a full line-up of tube end formers such as the STMBC – End Form, the STMC – End Form, and also the STQC-4W End Former. All of these machines are fast and efficient to help you get the job done.

The STMBC End Form is a favorite among our clients. The tube end resizing system is integrated into the tube collector system. This enables you to resize one or both ends of a tube making the job a lot easier and faster. The STMC End Form can be used to create a bell or flare on the end of each tube with the tube end forming system. For the STQC-4W, the tube end former is on the outboard from the cutoff head and the tension clamp. In addition, this tube end former is hydraulically powered and controlled with a push of a button.

End Forming

N0 matter if you need a machine for aluminum tube straightener or end forming, we have the equipment you need. With decades of experience in the industry, your first choice should be Tridan International. We provide quality products and top of the line customer service for all our clients. Whether you are buying new equipment or needing repair services, make Tridan your first option!

Tubing Straightener For Coiled Tubing

Tubing Straightener

Straighteners are used to straighten tubing from coils or rolls. Also, straighteners can usually handle end forming as well. Tubing straighteners are used in a variety of fields. Fields such as aerospace, medical, surgical applications, and consumer electronics to name a few. In addition, most straighteners can handle a different array of size tubes. Also, depending on the model, handle many tubes at once.

STVC Tubing Straightener

Tridan International’s tubing straighteners are designed to save setup time. They also help reduce scrap, lower downtime, and create a consistent product time after time. Although we have a large selection of tubing straighteners, such as the STMBC, STMC, and the STQC, one of our popular brands is the STVC model. The Tridan model STVC can handle copper or aluminum coiled tubing. Also, the STVC system is fully integrated withTube Straightening, Sizing, Lubrication Section, and a chipless Tube Cutoff Section.

This machine can handle any workload and give you the professional results you have come to expect from a Tridan product. Another nice feature of the STVC is the fully automated control system, but of course, you can manually control it as well.

At Tridan International, we sell to clients all over the world. Our products have become the industry standard for any type of fin production, tube fabrication, coil expansion, and microchannel tube processing.  We offer top notch customer service and always deliver the quality products that you deserve. Our machines are built to last, of course, if your Tridan machine needs parts or service feel free to contact us today.

We have been in the business since 1966, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with durable machinery solutions. If you would like to learn more about tube straightening or the Tridan company, give us a call at 217-443-3593. Our experts are always willing to answer any questions you might have.