Tridan International
fin production

Fin Production

Tridan offers multiple fin press sizes, progressive fin dies and all accessories including stock uncoilers, fin collectors, stock lubricators, stock threading devices and spare parts for all press and dies. Tridan can fully satisfy the fin production requirements from the smallest to the largest manufacturers.

microchannel tube processing

Micro Channel Tube Processing

The MCCTL offers our customers high speed production, small machine footprint and the most open tube end/highest quality tube cut with virtually zero port collapse.

tube fabrication

Tube Fabrication

Tube fabrication machinery includes return benders, elbow bender, dual 90 degree 'crossover' benders and 'hairpin' benders. In addition, we offer tube straightening cut-to-length machinery and manifold pierce and extrude machines.

coil expansion

Coil Expansion

Only Tridan offers the Flexpander, a semi-portable horizontal tube expander used for low volume production, model shop expansion and large coil expansion on a production basis. We also offer multi-rod expanders in both horizontal and vertical designs, plus tube end sizing and flaring tools.



Tridan offers lubricants specifically designed for the processing of evaporators and condensers as used in the HVAC industry. Industrial product, hydraulic oil and bearing lubricants are also offered. Additional special lubricants both synthetic and aqueous are also available.

special designs

Special Designs

For more than three decades, Tridan has continued to offer special machine designs to suit the exact needs of our customers. We can provide research and development tooling, plus sample product runoff. Tridan also provides complete confidentiality with any new or proprietary design.

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