Tridan offers lubricants specifically designed for the processing of evaporators and condensers as used in the HVAC industry. Industrial products, hydraulic oil, and bearing lubricants are also offered. Additional special lubricants both synthetic and aqueous are also available.

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Lubricants Are Essential

Lubrication is important when it comes to machines and their operation. Machine reliability needs proper lubrication. A properly lubricated machine will operate smoothly for longer periods of time compared to one lacking proper lubrication. Tridan has in-house Chemical and Process Engineering capabilities with strong expertise in lubrication processes as well as chemical lubricant development.

Hydraulic oils are essential for use with hydraulic machines. The oil acts as a coolant and is used for lubrication while reducing wear, rust, and corrosion. The punch relief is an oil-based that is designed to help with blanking, punching, stamping, and piercing.


The evaporative lube is referring to a lube that evaporates from the fin’s surface. Also, these TridanĀ® Lubes are compatible with refrigerant oils as well as both old and new generations of refrigerants.