Special Designs

For more than 55 years, Tridan International has continued to offer special designs to suit the exact needs of our customers. We can provide research and development tooling, plus sample product runoff. Tridan also provides complete confidentiality with any new or proprietary design.

Special Designs For Fin Production

Special Designs

When it comes to fin production, it is not one size fits all. Different companies have different needs and requirements to accomplish their goals. In addition, they need to know that their custom requests can remain confidential.  At Tridan International, we take pride in providing the exact solution you need.

Over the decades, we have had a variety of requests for specially designed production machines. We always met those needs and provided exactly what the customer needed.

Research and Development

With your special design, we can provide the research and development needed to meet the requirements necessary for the machine. HVAC systems can vary and have different requirements that will drive the need for custom parts such as fins. Of course, we also offer a large variety of stock production machines as well.

Since 1966, Tridan International has been dedicated to providing coil manufacturers durable machinery solutions. Also, we are well known for designing and building machines that provide decades of dependable operation. Commitment to high levels of customer service support has been a fundamental key to our customer’s satisfaction.

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Now as a member of the Innovative Automation family, Tridan has even more resources to offer you great industry-leading machines.  Finally, when it comes to custom-built machines or just parts and services, Tridan International is here to help. Give us a call today at 217-443-3592 or contact us right here.