Micro Channel Tube Processing

Micro Channel Cut To Length – MCCTL

Micro Channel Cut To Length - MCCTLThe Tridan Model MCCTL is a fully integrated system for cutting aluminum micro channel tubing to length. The system produces 120 parts per minute (based on a benchmark part length of 600mm) and our Patent Pending score and pull apart cutting method produces a very high quality cut with virtually no port collapse.

The system is fully integrated and includes:

  • Dual Powered Decoiler for level wound coils of extruded aluminum micro channel tubing
  • Two plane sizing and straightening section
  • Servo powered belt feeding system
  • Tridan’s patent pending score and pull apart cutting system

Critical machine motions are accomplished using state of the art electric servos. Other actions are either mechanical or pneumatic. The control system is Allen Bradley and provides control for fully automatic operation as well as manual control of most machine motions.

Optional features include:

  • Inline end forming
  • Vision inspection
  • Size inspection
  • Sorting and stacking