Copper Pipe Straightener

Copper Pipe Straightener

Copper pipe straighteners are essential when you need to create straight copper pipes for plumbing or for HVAC. In addition to a straightener, you may also need an end forming machine as well. The good news is, no matter if you need a straightener or end forming, Tridan has the machines you need to get the job done. Tridan has been providing the tube production machines needed for many industries.

Copper Pipe Production

Many industries have a unique use for copper pipe. For example, the construction industry uses copper for water supply lines. Also, copper is used for refrigerant lines in HVAC systems as well. In addition, many homes use copper lines for natural gas. As you can see copper is a very versatile metal used in a variety of areas. At Tridan International we have machines that can handle both straightening and end forming copper tubes.

The STMC End Former can produce straight tubes with a bell flare on the tube end.  The copper tube end former is on the outboard from the cutoff head. The end former is hydraulically powered and controlled through the panel.  At Tridan International, we are now a part of the Innovative Automation family.  This helps us provide even more great services and products that will benefit our customers.

Straighteners and end forming machines are just a few of the machines we offer at Tridan International. In addition, we specialize in fin production machines as well.  If you have questions about any of our machines please give us a call at 217-443-3592. Also, if you are a current owner of our machines and need some parts or service make sure to fill out our service form. Finally, when it comes to fin production, tube straightening, or end forming your first and best choice is Tridan International!