Category: Tube Straighteners

At Tridan International, we offer some of the best tube straighteners in the HVAC industry. As a member of the Innovative Automation family, we can offer you some of the best machines in the world.

Tridan has tube straightener and end forming machines capable of handling any size workload. Models such as STMC, STQS, STQC-4W, STQC, and other models. Contact us today to place your order.


Tubing Straightener For Coiled Tubing

Straighteners are used to straighten tubing from coils or rolls. Also, straighteners can usually handle end forming as well. Tubing straighteners are used in a variety of fields. Fields such as aerospace, medical, surgical applications, and consumer electronics to name a few. In addition, most straighteners can handle a different array of size tubes. Also, depending… Read more »

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Tube Straightener Machines

Tube straightener machines are essential when you are dealing with tubing. Although there have been advancements in technology, coils, and tube production cannot make them either round or straight. So, straightener machines have become necessary to develop better ovality to straightness to varying tight tolerances.  So, how do these machines straighten tubes? Tube Straightener Machines… Read more »

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Coiled Tubing Straightener

Coiled tubing straightener machines come in a variety of models. As a result, these machines can do different tasks. However, what goes into the straightening process? What types of tube straighteners are there? Furthermore, what industries use these machines? Straightener Machine Process All tube straightener machines have a similar process when it comes to uncoiling… Read more »

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