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Tube Expanders for Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

Tridan International, Inc. provides heat exchanger production machinery to manufacturers worldwide. Heat exchanger manufacturers looking for durable machinery that will provide decades of dependable operation, choose Tridan. We know that our customer service and support is the key to our customer’s satisfaction.  In today’s competitive environment, it is important to have machinery that has the strength to… Read more »

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The Importance Of Tube Fabrication Machinery

Tube fabrication machinery is an integral part of producing quality parts for an HVAC system.  Tube fabrication is using different techniques to shape, bend, cut down, or enlarge tubes for the desired purpose.  This process is used in a number of industries such as HVAC, automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and more. At Tridan International, we… Read more »

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Tube Expansion Machinery

Tube expansion is the process of reducing a tube’s wall. At Tridan International, we have a variety of tube expansion machinery to choose from. Our expansion machinery is available in horizontal, vertical, semi-portable, and tube end expansion. Horizontal Tube Expansion Machinery The horizontal expanders, such as the Cellular Horizontal Expander-CHE can expand and at the same… Read more »

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