The Importance Of Tube Fabrication Machinery

The Importance Of Tube Fabrication Machinery

Tube fabrication machinery is an integral part of producing quality parts for an HVAC system.  Tube fabrication is using different techniques to shape, bend, cut down, or enlarge tubes for the desired purpose.  This process is used in a number of industries such as HVAC, automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and more. At Tridan International, we provide the best industry-leading tube fabrication machines available today.

HVAC Tube Fabrication Machinery

HVAC systems need proper tube fabrication to help them run smoothly. In addition to bends, tubes need to have flares or but cut to length.  Also, one of the most essential machines needed is the tube straightener.  Tridan has models such as the STMBC, STMC, and the STQS  the saw cutoff. These machines are all used for straightening various lengths of tubing.  Also, these machines can handle any volume of workload you throw at it.

In addition to straighteners, Tridan offers hairpin benders.  These benders can produce the exact bend you need for your project. The various machines can cut to length and are level-wound coil fed.  Also available, are accessories for the machines such as a hopper and other needed features.

When it comes to tube fabrication machinery, the clear choice is Tridan. Now that Tridan is part of the Innovative Automation family, we can provide you with even more great products. Finally, with our long rich history of great tube fabrication machines, Tridan is the only name you should trust. Give us a call today at 217-443-3592 or contact us and see what we can do for you!