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When it comes to tube expanders, Tridan International has a large selection to choose from. Coil expansion machines are available today!

The Importance Of Tube Fabrication Machinery

Tube fabrication machinery is an integral part of producing quality parts for an HVAC system.  Tube fabrication is using different techniques to shape, bend, cut down, or enlarge tubes for the desired purpose.  This process is used in a number of industries such as HVAC, automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and more. At Tridan International, we… Read more »

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The Tridan Flexpander – For semi-portable coil expansion

The Tridan Flexpander - For semi-portable coil expansion

At Tridan International, we developed a unique coil expansion machine known as the Flexpander. The Tridan Flexpander comes in the FE and FE-5 models.  What a Flexpander does is expands mechanical tubes for heat transfer coils. It is unique designs and machines like these that sets Tridan International apart from other companies. By leading the… Read more »

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Tube Expanding Machines For Texas and Oklahoma

Tube expanding is the process of reducing a tube wall. By simply expanding the diameter of a tube, you avoid having to purchase all new tubing. Tube expansion has been an important process for a multitude of industries. Steps of Tube Expanding There are a few steps one should take prior to tube expanding process.… Read more »

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