Tube Expansion Machinery

Tube Expansion Machinery Quadpander - QETube expansion is the process of reducing a tube’s wall. At Tridan International, we have a variety of tube expansion machinery to choose from. Our expansion machinery is available in horizontal, vertical, semi-portable, and tube end expansion.

Horizontal Tube Expansion Machinery

The horizontal expanders, such as the Cellular Horizontal Expander-CHE can expand and at the same time, add the final belling to a tube. This type of expander uses no hydraulics and has very little change over time for different coil sizes. If you are looking for a more portable solution, the Flexpander-FE is your answer. This semi-portable horizontal tube expander can expand two tubes per cycle. Because of its size, it makes it more versatile for smaller shops.

Vertical Tube Expansion

The vertical line is composed of the Double-Sided Conventional – DE, LDE-Low Profile – Double Side, LSE – Low Profile – Single Side, Low Profile Expander – LSEM, and the Single-Sided Conventional – SE. The vertical machines are designed with saving space in mind. The double-sided machines are capable of doing two separate jobs at once to save time. The low-profile machines are designed to save up to 22% in headroom.

Semi-Portable Expanders

Semi-portable expanders are designed to be much more mobile than their larger counterparts. Because of the more versatile portable systems, they are ideal for smaller shops. Also, they can still produce a large amount of volume.  Finally, our tube end sizers are used for sizing the thin-walled copper. The tube end expansion is the Tube End Sizer – BTM, Tube End Sizer – BFA, Tube End Sizer/Air Operated, and the Tube End Sizer/Hydraulic – BTH.

As you can see, when it comes to tube expansion machinery, Tridan has you covered. From horizontal to vertical and even semi-portable, we have machines to fit any size shop. Get your quote today for your next tube expansion machine!