Flexpander – FE-5

Flexpander - FE-5The Model Flexpander – FE-5 is a completely unique Tridan development. The Flexpander is a Semi-Portable Mechanical Tube Expander for heat transfer coils. Also, the hydraulically powered Flexpander can expand two (2) tubes per cycle which allows it to expand coils constructed with Conventional U-bends or straight tube and return bend construction.

Features of the Flexpander – FE-5

The FE is statically balanced about its own horizontal operating centerline. This allows rotation of the Flexpander to accommodate diagonally, horizontally, or vertically oriented hairpin tubes.

Finally, the versatility of the Flexpander makes it the ideal tool for use by any size coil producer. The model FE can be used equally well for volume production, in a model shop or for coil repair applications.