Tube Straightener Machines

Tube Straightener Machines

Tube straightener machines are essential when you are dealing with tubing. Although there have been advancements in technology, coils, and tube production cannot make them either round or straight. So, straightener machines have become necessary to develop better ovality to straightness to varying tight tolerances.  So, how do these machines straighten tubes?

Tube Straightener Machines

As stated above, the purpose of these machines is to give tubes ovality and straightness. To do this, these machines have rollers that use pressure or bending to modify the tube to become straight. All of these machines have adjustment knobs to fine-tune the adjustments. If the machine is manual, people will have to pull the tube once enough has left the machine.

You should expect to put the tube through the machine a couple of times to get the refinement right. In addition, many of these machines come with a form-ending function.  These machines are designed to straighten copper and aluminum tubing. This machinery is great and what it does. However, what industries use machines like these?


One industry that needs tube straightener machines is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry. The HVAC industry completely relies on straightener machines. Systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning require a lot of tubing to function. Tubes have to connect to the system and be installed throughout the house. As a result, straight tubes become a necessity for building these systems.

Other industries that use these machines include various manufacturers. If a product needs tubing, they likely need tube straighteners. That would include car manufacturers, the food service industry, and many more.

Straightener Machines at Tridan

Tridan International is a leading tube straightener machine manufacturer with a leader in providing these machines to the HVAC industry. At Tridan, we have a comprehensive line of equipment for manufacturing. Many of these straightener machines have additional features such as cut-to-length and automation. Furthermore, Tridan has supporting equipment for these machines that vary by model. Some supporting equipment includes tube decoiling systems, tube collector systems, and other marvelous features. If you need a straightening machine today, contact Tridan International or get a free quote today!

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