Tube Straightener Machine Manufacturer

Even today, with all the advances in manufacturing, coils, and tubes are produced that are neither round nor straight. Tube straightener machine Tube straightener machine manufacturermanufacturers set out to build machines that help develop better ovality and straightness to very tight tolerances.  Tridan, a leading tube straightener machine manufacturer sells tube straighteners and end-forming machines for a variety of work volumes.

Tridan International is a leader in providing companies in the HVAC industry with a comprehensive line of equipment for manufacturing these systems.  We offer seven different types of tube straighteners to choose from. These models include:

Tube Straighteners for Copper or Aluminum

The STMBC- End/Form Tube Straighter utilizes an orbital-type chip-free tube cutoff system. This particular machine is used for copper or aluminum tubing and can cut and straighten to a pre-determined length. Also, this particular model can be installed with an optional Tube End Resizing System, this would provide a way to resize one or both ends of the cut tube. The STMC – End Form/ Tube Straighter machine is another great product for tube straightening.

End Forming

In addition, the STMC is hydraulically powered with a main push-button panel. The machine forms the tube ends by using a plunge-type internal sizing punch. Of course, we have other tube straighteners, such as the STVC. The control system in the STVC can be fully automatic or individually placed under manual control. This machine can straighten and cut aluminum or copper coils.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of tube straighteners to choose from. When you buy a Tridan product you know you are getting the best product in the industry. Our long-lasting durable machines can hold up under any size workload. Contact us today for a quote on a Tridan-manufactured tube straightener or end-forming machine.