Tube Straightener – STQC


The Model STQC Qual-Ekon Tube Straightener and Cut-to-Length Line is one of a family, of four-tube straighteners. Also, cut-to-length lines built by TRIDAN® that utilize an orbital-type chip-free (chipless) tube cutoff system.

Models STQC and STBC processes two (2) tubes per cycle.

Models STMC and STVC process four (4) and six (6) tubes per cycle, respectively.

The Advantages of TRIDAN® Tube Straighteners and Cut-to-Length Lines include:

COST REDUCTION – Level-wound coiled tubing is lower in overall cost than pre-cut straight tube lengths.

MINIMAL SCRAP – By producing straight tubes from a continuous length. There are no unusable lengths when compared to lengths cut from 16 to 20-foot lengths.

DIRECT CONTROL – By having the capability of producing only the exact quantity and length of straight tubes necessary.

FLEXIBILITY – With close control over tube length, straightness, and end condition. Also, the user may adjust the machine as required to obtain the optimum dimension or condition.


The production application of the TRIDAN® Model STQC is to straighten. In addition, cut to a pre-determined length level-wound coiled tubing of copper or aluminum. It is a fully integrated system consisting of a Tube Straightening, Sizing, and Lubrication Section. They are adjustable-length Tube Feeding Section, and a chipless Tube Cutoff Section. Supporting equipment include a Tube Uncoiling System, a Tube Runnout/Collector System, and an optional Tube End Resizing System. The Control System is designed in such a manner that all operations are sequenced fully automatically or may be individually placed under manual control.

The Tube Straightening, Feeding, and Cutoff Sections are mounted on a machined base plate, which also serves as the top of the weldment-constructed hydraulic reservoir. This over-sized reservoir is an integral part of the machine’s frame, and is furnished with a liquid level gauge and thermometer, as standard equipment. Also, the Tube Uncoiling System is built on a weldment frame of sufficient size and rigidity to support the number and size of coils dictated by the application.

The Tube Runnout/Collector System is designed to provide support for the tubing during its feeding, and an area is provided for the collection of cut tubes. The optional Tube End Resizing System, if purchased, is integrated into the Tube Runnout/Collector System, and provides a method of re-sizing one or both ends of the cut tube lengths. Finally, contact us today, or visit Innovative Automation for even more machines!