Copper Tube Straightener

Copper Tube Straightener

A copper tube straightener is an invaluable machine when it comes to tube production.  Here at Tridan International, we carry a variety of tube straightener machines for you to choose from. Our tube fabrication machines include the STMBC, the STMC, the tube straightener STVC, and also an extrusion straightener the STDS.  When it comes to coiled tubing, the STVC Tube Straightener is the machine of choice.

Why Use Copper Tube?

Copper tubing is a versatile tubing that has many uses. One of the main uses is in plumbing for supplying hot and cold water.  Also, Copper tubing is used with gas lines as well. These are just a few examples of how it is used, but copper tubing is also a huge part of HVAC systems. The most common type of tubing is soft copper and rigid copper.  Soft copper is also known as ductile, it is easy to move and bend and is best for flare connections. This type of copper comes in coils.

Rigid copper is usually used for water lines due to its durability and thickness. As you may have guessed, rigid copper cannot be bent and uses elbow fittings to position around corners. Out of the two types, soft copper is usually used in HVAC systems.  To straighten the copper tubing you need a tube straightener to do that and that is where Tridan comes in!

Aluminum or Copper Tube Straightener

The STVC can handle either copper or aluminum coiled tubes.  In addition, the STVC is designed to straighten and cut the tube to your specifications. This particular machine has add-ons available as well. The Tube Decoiling System is a nice add-on that can support the number of coils at a time. Also, there is the Tube Runout Collector System. This feature provides an area for the collection of tubes once completed. When it comes to copper tube straightening, this machine is one of the best in the industry.

The belt-fed STMBC  can be used for end forming as well as tube straightening. This machine has a chipless tube cutoff system which will provide a perfect cut every time. There is also an optional Tube End Resizing System that can be integrated into the system.  In addition to straighteners, we have a full lineup of other tube fabrication machines as well. Machines such as benders, un-coilers, hairpin benders, and end forming.

When it comes to copper tube straighteners, you may have questions. The experts at Tridan International are always eager to hear from their customers. We can answer all the questions you may have about our equipment. Also, we have an extensive part and service department that helps you with maintenance on all our equipment.  Finally, call us today at 217-443-3592 or contact us for any information about Tridan equipment or service.