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Ah…the tube. It comes in a variety of shapes and can be used for just about anything. You can find tubes just about anywhere. From the chair that you are sitting on to your plumbing system. It is safe to say, you are never far away from a tube. However, most people don’t understand the process that allows these materials to be useful. Dare I say, it is taken for granted.

From engineers work on cars to a customer buying a shower rod, it is rare for them to think about how these tubes are made. Most people don’t think “hey, I wonder how they made this tube so straight?” or “wow, how did they do this?” Well, except for us. It’s time to give a spotlight on this craft by showing off our instruments. Like how a pianist with a piano, these machines help us create our own art.

End Forming Machine

 End Form

Another machine that is important in the fabrication process. Despite the description, an End Forming Machine doesn’t just seal the end of the tube. The purpose of this machine is to make connections to other media. It configures the end with an ending that allows it easily join other tubes or materials. They are shaped into various configurations for whatever purpose they will be used for.

Just to get a better picture, here are different endings that can be made:

  • Flaring
  • Tapering
  • Threading
  • Expanding
  • Bell

Those are a lot of options and the applications to this process are endless. End Forming allows the material to be used in a variety of items. And this machine is used in different industries. Automotive and construction are always using tubes with end forms. From furniture to fuel supplies, end-formed tubes are vital in everyday life.

Copper Tube Straightener


First of all, this might be confusing. After all, most tubes that you can buy are straight. However, this is a huge part of the tube fabrication process. There are many reasons to straighten a tube. While some tubes come in coils, other tubes that seem straight need to be even straighter. The need has always been there. I mean, a bent tube is common. In fact, the tube straightener has been around for decades.

But how does it work? Well, a tube straightener helps the tube reach 90 degrees through a spring back. In other words, you have to be in the tube in the opposite direction and past 90 degrees. The spring back allows the material to find its rest point. Ironically, the straightening process is a bending operation. There are different methods to use straightening tubes, like bend straightening or pressure straightening. However, it all involves precision and strength to change the shape of a tube. This is why a machine like a Tube Straightener is needed.

Yet, these machines are only part of the fabrication process.

Tridan International

Regardless, the tube fabrication process relies on these machines. But you don’t want just any Tube Straightener or End Forming Machine. No, you need the best. In a competitive environment, you need machinery that has the strength to endure the demands of daily production. Machines from a company with high-quality customer support to help you. You need Tridan International.

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