Tube End Forming

Tube End Forming Tube end forming is the process where a metal tube straightener feeds a tube into a form end machine that then creates a new end on the tube. By adding a special end to the tube it allows it to be easily joined with other tubes.  There are usually different types of ends that can be created such as:

  • Flaring
  • Tapering
  • Threading
  • Expanding
  • Bell

Form ending is used in many industries, not just HVAC.  The automotive and also the construction industry all use tubes with end forms. Of course, just about any industry that needs to use tubing has a need for end forming.  At Tridan International, we have a variety of machines that can perform tube fabrication such as end forming.  In addition, both the STMBC and the STMC machines can provide end forming.

Tube End Forming STMBC

The STMBC has an optional Tube End Resizing System.  The system offers the option of resizing one or both ends of the tube. In addition, the STMC offers end forming as well.  The STMC is a metal tube straightener with an option end-forming option as well. The STMC can provide you with a bell or flare end for your tubes.  While either machine is a great option, make sure to look at all our other tube fabrication machines.

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