Building A Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC System

There are different types of commercial HVAC systems to choose from. Commercial HVAC Systems can be of different varieties such as heat pumps, rooftop units, chillers, and heaters. Heat pumps extract heat from water or air. A rooftop unit is on the roof and uses ducts to provide condition air to the rooms. Chillers generate cold water distributed to air cooling coils. Heaters are usually known as hot air furnaces they burn fuel to heat the air.

No matter what type of HVAC system you are trying to build you will need quality parts to achieve your goal. The HVAC system of the building is crucial in providing a comfortable environment for the people inside. In addition, a proper HVAC system controls the air temperature in the building but is also responsible for the intake of outside air, exhaust of used air, and properly using energy.

Importance of Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for industrial buildings. There are several reasons why companies will invest in commercial systems such as:

  • Comfort for Occupants
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Climate Control for Specialized Spaces
  • Property Value

For an HVAC System to function, manufacturers need machines to build high-quality fins to make the best HVAC systems on the market!

Commercial HVAC System Basics

Every HVAC system needs to provide basic functions. The heat needs to always transfer from warmer to cooler. You should also consider the control of moist air in the system. Also, consider the energy usage, for example, one ton of cooling is equal to about 12,000 btu/hour. Also, when designing and building your HVAC system, you need to determine what kind of zone it will control.

A single-zone system would be controlled by one thermostat. Where multi-zone systems can have their own spaces with their thermostat. When building your system parts such as coils, you should use Tridan equipment. At Tridan we specialize in equipment for creating fins and coils for your HVAC System. We have all the equipment you need to fully fabricate and create your HVAC system.

At Tridan International, we have equipment that can handle fin production, tube fabrication, coil expansion, header production, and end forming. Finally, contact us today and see what Tridan can do for you!