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Coil Expanders

Tube ExpanderAt Tridan International, we have a wide array of coil expansion machines that can handle your needs. Of course those not familiar with coil expanders, they are devices or machines used to increase the diameter of types tubing. The expander is made up of several sections that are then added to a threaded shaft. Then the device is inserted into the tube, and the expander is then tightened. This will force the device to push outwards and then results in the expansion of the tube.

Our Coil expanders become more beneficial with end sizing of tubes.  They can easily be shaped as bell and flare or just bell to custom specifications and fully ready for bend insertion. Many industries use the products that are made using our tube expansion machinery.  HVAC system and heat exchanger manufacturers for example; use them for building products. Those in turn, are used in many factories and industrial complexes world wide.

Horizontal or Vertical Expander Machines

Tridan International is one of the nation’s leading manufacturer of tube expanding machines. With our extensive line of coil and tube expanding machines, we have machines that can accomodate any size business. Horizontal and Vertical, from high volume to low volume, we have it. Also, we offer semi-portable expansion machines as well. For example, the Flexpander-FE is one of our most popular models. The FE model can expand two tubes per cycle which then allows it to expand coils with a U-bend or straight tube.

The quality Tridan brand name brings reliability and durability to every product we offer. We have been a leader in our industry since 1966. Based in Illinois, our products are used all across the globe today. Tridan stands by all our products, and we offer parts and service for our machines. You can give us a call today at 217-443-3592 or get a quote on one of our great products. Either way, rest assured that when you purchase a Tridan machine for your business, you are getting the best machine available today!

Tube Expansion Machinery

Tube Expansion Machinery Quadpander - QETube expansion is the process of reducing a tube’s wall. At Tridan International, we have a variety of tube expansion machinery to choose from. Our expansion machinery is available in horizontal, vertical, semi portable, and tube end expansion.

Horizontal Tube Expansion Machinery

The horizontal expanders, such as the Cellular Horizontal Expander-CHE  can expand and at the same time, add the final belling to a tube. This type of expander uses no hydraulics and has very little change over time for different coil sizes. If you are looking for a more portable solution, the Flexpander-FE is your answer. This semi-portable horizontal tube expander can expand two tubes per cycle. Because of it sizes, it makes it more versatile for smaller shops.

Vertical Tube Expansion

The vertical line is composed of the Double Sided Conventional – DE, LDE-Low Profile – Double Side, LSE – Low Profile – Single Side, Low Profile Expander – LSEM, and the Single Sided Conventional – SE. The vertical machines are designed with saving space in mind. The double sided machines are capable of doing two separate jobs at once to save time. The low profile machines are designed to save up to 22% in head room.

Semi-Portable Expanders

Semi-portable expanders are designed to be much more mobile than the larger counterparts. Because of the more versatile portable systems, they are ideal for smaller shops. Also, they can still produce a large amount of volume.  Finally, our tube end sizers are used for sizing of the thin walled copper. The tube end expansion are the Tube End Sizer – BTM, Tube End Sizer – BFA, Tube End Sizer/Air Operated, and the Tube End Sizer/Hydraulic – BTH.

As you can see, when it comes to tube expansion machinery, Tridan has you covered. From horizontal to vertical and even semi-portable, we have machines to fit any size shop. Get your quote today for your next tube expansion machine!

Tube Expanders for Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

Tridan International, Inc.  provides heat exchanger production machinery to manufacturers worldwide.

Heat exchanger manufacturers  looking for durable machinery that will provide decades of dependable operation, choose Tridan. We know that our customer service and support is the key to our customer’s satisfaction.  In today’s competitive environment, it is important to have machinery that has the strength to withstand the forces of daily production. Tube expanders for example, can have a heavy-duty, high volume schedule. In other applications, the semi-portable Flexpander tube expander for coils may better serve the manufacturing environment. Regardless, Tridan’s strength and quality help customers maintain a reliable flow of accurately produced parts.

We offer a wide range of machinery and tooling for Fin Stamping, Coil Expansion (tube expanding), and  Tube Fabrication applications such as Cut to Length, Hairpin Benders, Return Benders, End Sizers and Braze Ring Loaders.

Newest heat exchanger tube expanders

Tube expanders for heat exchanger manufacturersOne of Tridan’s newest and most successful offerings is the Model CHE Servo-Powered Cellular Horizontal Expander.  It is designed for the simultaneous tube expansion and final belling of all tubes within small to medium sized coils.  Its PLC control system allows for very precise, fully-automatic setup of varying coil lengths.  By simply choosing a coil model from a pre-programmed menu, the machine will automatically cycle the distance required.  The setup for the coil width and height are manual, however, it requires minimal effort and time by design. The precision tooling and fixture features of the CHE reduces or eliminates the need to add or remove pattern tooling in the machine in order to accommodate varying coil sizes!

The CHE horizontal expander uses no hydraulics.  The tube expansion stroke is actuated by a very powerful and rugged servo motor that drives a precision high-capacity roller screw which cycles the expansion ram.  The operation of the machine is very clean and exceptionally quiet compared to conventional hydraulic-powered expanders.  Energy consumption is also reduced since the machine only consumes electricity when it is actively cycling.

We are currently working on several new designs that will be made available to coil / heat exchanger manufacturers. Look for updates and announcements in the coming months and be sure to visit us at the AHR EXPO in January.

2017 AHR expo

Tridan’s factory and engineering center in Danville, Illinois is 130 miles from the worldwide distribution hub of Chicago, Illinois, USA.