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Copper Tubing Straightener And End Forming

Copper Tubing Straightener And End Forming

Copper tubing is a versatile tubing which has many uses. One of the main uses is in plumbing for supplying hot and cold water.  Also, Copper tubing is used with gas lines as well. These are just a few examples of how it used, but copper tubing is also a huge part of HVAC systems. The most common type of this tubing is soft copper and rigid copper.  Soft copper is also known as ductile, it easy to move and bend and is best for flare connections.

Rigid copper is usually used for water lines. As you may have guessed, rigid copper cannot be bent and uses elbow fittings to position around corners. Out of the two types, the soft copper is usually used in HVAC systems.  To straighten the copper tubing you need a tube straightener to do that and that is where Tridan comes in!

Straightening Copper Tubing

When it comes to straightening tubes, Tridan has an extensive line-up of machines to choose from. Our tube straighteners are the STMBC, STMC, STQC-4W, and the STVC. The STMBC and the STMC also have end forming capabilities as well as straightening. They are also belt fed which helps keep production moving right along. These machines are highly durable and have very little maintenance keeping downtime to a minimum.

For form ending, the STQC-4W End Former can produce bell or flare end on your tubes. By choosing a Tridan International machine you can rest assured you are getting one of the best machines today. Tridan has been producing tube fabrication machines for over 50 years. Our experience and expertise really reflect on all our products. If you would like a quote for our products please use our easy quote forms. Finally, if you have other questions please call us at 217-443-3592 and one of our experts will answer your concerns.

Innovative Automation Acquires Tridan International

Innovative Automation

By Ursula Bongiovanni

Romulus, MI – Innovative Automation announced today that it has acquired Tridan International from SKF/Kaydon Corporation. Innovative Automation now owns Tridan in its entirety including all current operations and facilities of Tridan in Danville, IL.

Innovative Automation undertook this acquisition to improve the product line offering and services that it provides to its customers. Combining this Tridan acquisition with the previous May 1, 2018 acquisition of Livernois Engineering, Innovative Automation can now provide services for Roll Formed, Stamped, and Reciprocating Stamped heat exchange technologies. Innovative Automation is now the only North American company that can support all three of these unique technologies.

About Tridan International

Tridan International has been developing technologies and solutions for the global heat exchange industry since 1966 when it was founded in Danville, IL. Tridan will continue operations in this 88,300 square foot facility featuring a fully functional machine shop, engineering, and assembly and tryout area. There are currently 24 employees supporting the operations of the company in support of their worldwide customer base.

About Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation is owned by Ursula and Mike Bongiovanni. IA has been operating in Southeast Michigan since 2000. IA has developed technologies for the manufacturing industry and specifically for the manufacture of reciprocating stamped heat exchangers. The acquisition of Livernois Engineer provided premier level technologies for tooling and manufacture of roll formed heat exchangers. Adding the Tridan technologies to our portfolio is the natural extension to allow for the servicing of the entire heat exchanger industry.


To learn more about this acquisition, please contact:
Ursula Bongiovanni, President
15377 Oakwood Drive, Romulus, MI 48174
Office: (734) 442-0100
Fax: (734) 442-0101
[email protected]

Texas Fin Production

Fin Production for HVAC SystemsBeing in Texas is great! There is a city for every personality, Texas has no state income tax, and the weather is always warm! There is a well-known expression about the state, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” this also applies to the state’s bigger need for a good HVAC system. Having an HVAC in Texas is essential, otherwise it’ll be extremely painful because the weather never stops being hot!

What is Fin Production?

Fin production is crucial to the functions of an HVAC. There are several types of fins used in HVAC systems. Examples include condenser and evaporator fins, both of which allows air to flow smoothly through the machine.

Furthermore, compressor fins are located on the outer portion of an HVAC. It looks like a grill with metal fins throughout it. These condenser fins assist heat in moving away from the HVAC so the heat disperses more quickly.

And evaporator fins are located on the evaporator. As it extracts heat from the air, the fins help the thermal energy exchange process. Air is blown over the fins where it is cooled before being sent from the HVAC through the vents and into the various rooms.

Each type of fin is important in an HVAC system. Without even one type of fin, the HVAC could face serious damage. It could malfunction, clog, or even overheat. Here at Tridan, we know that so we only sell the best machinery for your best interests. Products made with our machines last.

At Tridan International we have fin production machines for all types of work volume. In addition, we have machines that can handle low-volume production, medium-volume production, and high-volume production.

If you are looking for a capable machine in the manufacture of HVAC fins, of any grade, come to Tridan International! We have the best machinery at the best prices. Contact us today or fill out our quote form. We cannot wait to hear from you!

HVAC System Manufacturers Georgia

HVAC System Manufacturers Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state stretching from the Atlantic Coast to the Golf Coast. Atlanta the heart of Georgia, is a huge metropolitan city with great attractions and things to do for the whole family. Of course, Atlanta is not the only great city to visit, Savannah, Georgia is a great throw back to an older time. Home to great restaurants and beautiful colonial homes, Savannah is another great destination in Georgia. The only real draw back to Georgia, is some of the intense heat that occurs during the summer months.

HVAC System Manufacturers Georgia And Surrounding Areas

With intense heat, there is a huge demand for strong and reliable HVAC systems throughout Georgia. To build a proper HVAC system, HVAC manufacturers need the proper equipment. To build a HVAC system you need Tridan International equipment. Our equipment is used by HVAC system manufacturers Georgia and states all over the country. The reason Georgia HVAC system builders choose Tridan equipment is because of the reliability of out equipment.

With decades of experience, and industry leading reliability, Tridan International is the first choice for many builders. In addition, to our trusted equipment, our parts and service department is second to none. Customer service is always an important aspect of our business and if you need help with your Tridan equipment give us a call today at 217-554-7532. Our machines can help with fin production, coil expansion, tube fabrication and much more.

All throughout Georgia well working HVAC is very essential. With heats raising over 100 degrees on a consistent basis, having a properly functioning cooling system is very important. If you are a HVAC system builder in Georgia contact us today and see what Tridan can do for you. Finally, call us today at 217-443-3592 if you have questions about any of our machines or to place your order!

Building A Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC System

There are different types of HVAC commercial systems to choose from. Commercial HVAC System can be of different varieties such as heat pumps, roof top units, chillers, and heaters. Heat pumps extract heat from water or air. A roof top unit are on the roof and use ducts to provide condition air to the rooms. Chillers generate cold water distributed to air cooling coils. Heaters are usually known as hot air furnaces they burn fuel to heat the air.

No matter what type of HVAC system you are trying to build you will need quality parts to achieve your goal. The HVAC system of building is crucial in providing a comfortable environment for the people inside. In addition, a proper HVAC system controls the air temperature in the building but is also responsible for intake of outside air, exhaust of used air, and properly using energy.

Commercial HVAC System Basics

Every HVAC system needs to provide basic functions. The heat needs to always transfer warmer to cooler. You should also consider the control of moist air in the system. Also, take the energy usage into consideration, for example one ton of cooling is equal to about 12,000 btu/hour. Also, when designing and building your HVAC system, you need to determine what kind of zone it will control.

A single-zone system would be controlled by one thermostat. Where a multi-zone systems can have there own spaces with their own thermostat. When building your system parts such as coils, you should use Tridan equipment. At Tridan we specialize in equipment for creating fins and coils for you HVAC System. We have all the equipment you need to fully fabricate and create your HVAC system.

At Tridan International, we have equipment that can handle fin production, tube fabrication, coil expansion, header production and end forming. Finally, contact us today and see what Tridan can do for you!