Innovative Automation Acquires Tridan International

Innovative Automation

By Ursula Bongiovanni

Romulus, MI – Innovative Automation announced today that it has acquired Tridan International from SKF/Kaydon Corporation. Innovative Automation now owns Tridan in its entirety including all current operations and facilities of Tridan in Danville, IL.

IA undertook this acquisition to improve the product line offering and services that it provides to its customers. Combining this Tridan acquisition with the previous May 1, 2018 acquisition of Livernois Engineering, Innovative Automation can now provide services for Roll Formed, Stamped, and Reciprocating Stamped heat exchange technologies. IA is now the only North American company that can support all three of these unique technologies.

About Tridan International

Tridan International has been developing technologies and solutions for the global heat exchange industry since 1966 when it was founded in Danville, IL. Tridan will continue operations in this 88,300-square-foot facility featuring a fully functional machine shop, engineering, and assembly and tryout area. There are currently 24 employees supporting the operations of the company in support of their worldwide customer base.

About Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation is owned by Ursula and Mike Bongiovanni. IA has been operating in Southeast Michigan since 2000. IA has developed technologies for the manufacturing industry and specifically for the manufacture of reciprocating stamped heat exchangers. The acquisition of Livernois Engineer provided premier-level technologies for the tooling and manufacture of roll-formed heat exchangers. Adding the Tridan technologies to our portfolio is the natural extension to allow for the servicing of the entire heat exchanger industry.


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