Case Study of Tridan International

Ameren Illinois recently produced a case study on Tridan International. In addition to showing the benefit of their service, it offers a glimpse into our facility and operations in Danville Illinois.

Ameren Case Study

To me, it’s huge. What a difference a light can make. What can’t be measured in Lumens is the impact on the people. My name is Ursula Bongiovanni. I’m the president and CEO of Trident International.

Trident itself has been here in Danville since 1966. This is our engineering, design and build house. So we do everything in this one facility right from the beginning of the concepts, all the way to pack and ship. So this is an old facility, that needs a lot of attention, needs a lot of care. We took over at the end of 2018.

So October 2018, I became the new owner of this complex and walked in the door to a severely neglected facility that was in desperate need of some upgrades. In terms of assisting us with the program was about as cut and dry as I could possibly imagine. I started out with an energy advisor who looked at me and said, yes, we can help. Next thing, they got us in touch with the contractors who put the estimates together. I’m down probably 36% in energy costs across the complex.

We have more light with 40% less fixtures on our ceiling. The long-term impact is well beyond the two-year payback, and we can see it already every day here. Productivity is much higher, and it literally was what Amaranth said it would be. Here’s what it costs. Here’s what we will pay.

Here’s your bill. Have a nice day. There are no extra bills. There’s nothing more that you can expect. Everything is in that one packet, on that one line.

There is no catch because there can’t be a catch because it’s a mandated program. But it’s going to run out at some point in time. So before it does, take advantage of it, we did.