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Future Problem Solvers, Danville, IL – Project Ignition

Future Problem Solvers, Danville, IL – Project Ignition
Future Problem Solvers – From Left – Kaleb Medina, Micah Cherry, Makayla Smith, and DJ Barnette

Recently, Tridan International sponsored local kids from Danville High School in the Future Problem Solvers international competition.

Consequently, we are proud to announce that they brought home third place for their Project Ignition: Be the Key to Road Safety. The following are highlights from the original article written by Carol Roehm and published in the Commercial-News of Danville, IL.

The International Future Problem Solvers competition was held June 3 – 9 at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. For this competition, 75 teams from all over the globe participated. The teams are broken into three age divisions –  junior, middle, and senior and each American team is paired with an international team. The DHS Future Problem Solvers were paired with a team from Turkey.

Project Ignition: Be the Key to Road Safety was started in the 2017-2018 school year and developed more over a second year. To qualify for the international competition, the DHS team first won the 2019 Illinois State Championship in the community problem-solving category. In fact, each year Danville High School has groups of up to 15 kids that compete in the competition.

Key To Road Safety

Their project involved strategies for safe driving on city streets, rural roads, and also on interstates. The tragic loss of fellow students in car accidents inspired the idea for this project.  For their research, they learned about the “fatal four” unsafe driving habits. Those include not wearing your seat belt, using electronics, speeding, and also, driving impaired. The main component of the project is making brightly colored signs to remind motorists to drive safely.

These signs will be installed in five different places across Danville and have; Be Smart, Be Safe, and Be Seen displayed on one sign with Drive Safe, Arrive Safe on another. Hopefully, these signs will remind drivers to be aware of their surroundings and practice safe driving. Furthermore, if proven successful, our participants hope these signs will remain in place.  To print or save download the full article here.

The DHS Future Problem Solvers are: DJ Barnette, Jolene Blodgett, Layla Castro, Micah Cherry, Alexis Flores, Amelia Ingold, Alana Kleiner, Kaleb Medina, Brooke Parker, Shivangi Patel, Makayla Smith and Quemarii Williams. Finally, we would like to congratulate all the participants, teachers and mentors!

Proudly sponsored by Tridan International 130 North Jackson Street, Danville IL 61832 


Tube Fabrication Machinery In Tennessee

Tube Fabrication Machinery In Tennessee

When looking for tube fabrication machinery in Tennessee or coil expansion in Tennessee, look no further than Tridan. Tridan supplies machinery for coil expansion and fabrication to companies all over the globe. Here in the United States, we have clients in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and many others. We specialize in machinery that helps you build HVAC systems.

HVAC System Manufacturers Tennessee

Our machines help in the tube fabrication process. We sell industry leading machines for coil expansion. Our machines include Cellular Horizontal Expander, Qual-Ekon, Semi-Automatic and the Low Profile Expander to name a few. Coil expansion is a crucial process and our machines can help you accomplish your goals. If you are a representative of an HVAC System Manufacturer, contact us today.

Of course, coil expansion is not the only area you may be interested in. Our Fin Production machines can handle any level of production for your business. Also, we sell the accessories you need to accompany your fin production machines. Accessories such as a die cart (which can handle up to 5000 lbs), fin stock dolly and the fin stock threader. Lubricants are also essential for production.

Our special lubricants are developed for the processing of evaporators and condensers that are used in HVAC systems.  Evaporative lubricants are great because they do not require cleaning. In addition, the lubricant evaporates from the surface of the fin. We also carry petroleum lubricants, these need to be cleaned by vapor degreasing or by using an aqueous cleaner.

Tridan International is located in Danville, Illinois, but we supply machines all across the country and the globe. If you are looking for coil expansion, fin production or any other type of machinery for HVAC systems contact us today. Finally, with decades of experience and top of the line customer service, Tridan is the right choice for you and your company!


Tridan Attending The AHR Expo Booth 5749

Tridan International is proud to announce that we will be attending the 2018 AHR Expo. You can visit us in the south hall at booth 5749. The AHR Expo is International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition which actually started 86 years ago. Also, this year the show will be held in Chicago at the McCormick Place. With over 2000 suppliers and manufacturers, it is one of the biggest events in the HVAC industry.

There will be hundreds of products on display ranging from AC, Heating and Refrigeration equipment to software. In addition, this expo is meant for professionals that work in the HVAC industry. People such as OEMs, Distributors, Rep Firms, Engineering and Design, as well as Contracting firms.

AHR Expo Registration

The good news is registration is free for the expo! But hurry registration is only available for a limited time. Along with the show itself, there will also be free seminars. These seminars are held by industry groups and there are over 50 to choose from. Along with seminars, classes and courses are offered as well. At Tridan International, we find that the AHR Expo is a great way to stay informed about all the new things happening in the HVAC Industry.

The expo is a great place to network and learn about the latest products and technologies.  Make sure to stop by and visit our booth in the South Hall at booth 5749. You can add us to your show itinerary. Our product categories are benders, pipe benders, coils, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, oil, tube expanders and more. We are always excited to see new faces wanting to learn about Tridans extensive product line.

Of course, if you would like to learn more about our machines or need service and parts, feel free to give us a call at 217-443-3592 or contact us today. Finally, see you January 22-24, 2018 at the AHR Expo!

AHR Expo 2018

Discounts For The Holidays On RLB 45

Limited Time Special Offer On RLB 45 Fin Press

For a limited time, Tridan is offering discounted pricing and fast delivery for in stock RLB 45 ton fin presses.  In addition, the discounted pricing will also be extended to an accompanying order of a fin die, fin collector, spare parts, and accessories.  Order yours today, because quantities are limited.

RLB 45

With an extensive line up of fin production machines to choose from, we have the right equipment for your business. The RLB 45 is designed to handle low to medium workloads.  Also, it is designed to be used with a huge variety of Fin Dies. Some of the accessories for the fin presses include die carts, fin stock dolly, fin stock Threader-AFST and the fin stock Threader – FST.

Of course, Tridan also offers other fin production machines such as the Fin Collector -VC-3WP, Fin Press – HFP75 and the Fin Press – RlC75F.  These high volume presses can handle any size workload. Along with the machine, we have parts available such as lube tank cover, fin stock splicer, stock uncoiler sensor and a PLC control system.

Durability. Dependability. Service

When it comes to Tridan, durability, dependability, and service is how our clients describe our best traits. With decades of experience and customer service, it is no wonder why Tridan is the industry standard when it comes to fin production. In addition to new equipment, we have a knowledgeable parts and service department as well. They can answer any question about maintaining your Tridan equipment. You can contact them here or call 217-554-7532.

Finally, if you would like a quote on this great deal, please click here or call 217-443-3592 to find out more about our great fin production machines. Also, from all of us at Tridan International, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lubricants for Metal Working


Lubricants are an essential part of metalworking. Most lubricants are used to reduce friction to help extend tool life. Cooling lubricant for metalworking needs to be effective. In addition, they need to be free of any harmful substance that may damage the environment or be harmful to your health. Our lubricants at Tridan, are used in stamping, expanding and bending. Also, our hydraulic oils are used for hydraulically driven machines we make.

Lubricants – Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil is not only a lubricant, but it helps transfer power through a hydraulic system. An effective hydraulic oil should contain certain aspects, such as oxidation, thermal, and hydraulic stability as well as stability and anti-wear performance. Also, the proper viscosity grade of oil lets the equipment to start at a low temperature and allow proper oil flow rates to help keep up high efficiencies under high heats.

Our lubes here at Tridan International are for drawing fin stock during die stamping and adding heat resistance during bending and expanding of copper, stainless or aluminum tubing.  All of our lubes are available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon containers. Also, when it comes to metalworking, keeping temperatures down is a key factor for long-lasting equipment and efficiency.

At Tridan Internation we offer a wide arrange of lubes to help get the job done:

Fin Stock Lube

Hydraulic Oils

  • TriLub HYD-AW – Hydraulic oils available in ISO 32, 46 and 68 grade.

Miscellaneous Lube

Tubing Lube

Finally, the experts at Tridan International can explain which lubricant is best for your machine and answer all the questions you may have. Also, you can give us a call today at  217-443-3592 or use our easy contact form for any questions.