Tube End Forming Machines

Tridan tube end forming machines

Tube end forming is as it sounds, where you take a tube of any type of metal and form the end of it into different shapes needed for the project. There are different types of tube end forming to choose from. One is the end reduction, which is usually where you reduce the outside diameter of the tube end. This is usually done so it will fit inside the regular diameter of the same type of tube on the other end. Of course, the process determines the use of the tube end-forming machines

End expansion expands the outside diameter of the tube end. Another type of tube end forming is compression and rotary beading. This is usually used for industries that need to use an O-ring or to connect hoses. The other type of end forming is the single flare. This is used to make a liquid-tight or airtight connection.

Tube End Forming Machine Manufacturer

At Tridan International we have an extensive line of end-forming products to choose from. Some of our machines include:

The STMC – End Form/Tube Straighter, for example, can produce straight tubes with a bell or flare on the end of the tube. With this system, you can add a tube end-forming system for even more functionality.  The end former would be positioned on the outboard from the cut-off head and the tension clamp.  This is just one example of all the great equipment you can find at Tridan International.

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