Plate Fin Construction with Tridan Equipment

Plate Fin Construction with Tridan Equipment

Plate fin construction is possible with Tridan Equipment. Since 1966, Tridan International has been providing durable machinery solutions for customers. All of Tridan’s machines have specific uses and features. Plate Fin machines are one type that is manufactured at Tridan part of the Innovative Automation family.

Plate Fin

So, what is a plate fin? Plate Fin Heating Exchange is a type of heat exchange that uses plates and finned chambers to create fins. The fin production occurs compact heat exchange because of the high heat transfer surface area to volume. Fin chambers have variations that allow for the production of a variety of different fin types. Plate Fin Heat Exchangers are used in various industries. These heat exchangers can be found in aerospace, cryogenics, railway engines, cars, and other industries. As a result, Plate Fin Heating Exchange machines are in constant demand. Tridan has its own set of heating exchange machines for that reason.

Tridan Equipment

When it comes fin construction with plates, Tridan has what you are looking for. Our fin production products have a variety of presses based on volume and unique features. The fin presses available are:

High Volume

Medium Volume

Low Volume

Each of these presses produces a different volume of fins through the plate fin process. All of them are built for efficiency by improving productivity by making operation easier. Each of the machines have their own unique features that make it viable for certain situations. As a result, these machines can be the key to constructing fins through plates. However, Tridan also provides other fin production machines such as collectors and dies. Furthermore, accessories for these machines are available.

These accessories include die carts, fin stock dollies, and fin stock threaders. Furthermore, Tridan is also capable of custom designs that meet the specific needs of our clients. Regardless of the type of fin press you are looking for, Tridan has you covered. Tridan International dedicates itself to create dependable and durable products for customers. Our commitment to customer services makes us the best option for your plate fin construction needs.

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