FinMaster – Press (FM-4)


The Model FM FINMASTER™ Fin Line is one of a family of Fin Lines built by TRIDAN®. This Fin Line System is specifically designed for the low volume producer. TRIDAN®’s other lines are directed at medium and high volume manufacturers. Of heat transfer coils for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

The FM is designed specifically for use with dedicated tooling stations. Also, these stations are primarily designed to produce a Ribbon-type Fin and employ TRIDAN®’s Self-Contained Pull-type Die Feeding System. The combination of the fin tooling stations and the FM Fin Line gives full and complete flexibility. This allows changing from one fin pattern to another and has helped in eliminating the concept of “captive” dies within a fin line.

The combination of the FM-4 Fin Line and specific tooling stations will provide the coil manufacturer with adequate Productivity, Simple and Rapid Setups, Low Cost Maintenance Procedures, the Minimum in Floor Space Requirements, and a Rapid Tooling Changeover Time – All at an Extremely Low Cost.


The production application of the Model FM Fin Line is to provide a means of powering and controlling fin tooling stations, thereby allowing the efficient production of heat transfer-type plate fins. It can be purchased as a fully integrated system consisting of the FinMaster™, the Fin Stock Uncoiling System, Fin Stock Lubricating/Guiding System, Control System, Automatic Fin Collecting System and Vibration Isolators for the Press and Collector.

The Fin Stock Uncoiler and the Fin Stock Lubricator with Guide are optional accessories that can be designed and manufactured to many different degrees of productivity, dependent upon the end user’s requirement. The optional Fin Collector is designed to mount positively to the FinMaster™’s base. The standard Control System, which contains the majority of the electrical switchgear, is housed in a console to provide protection from factory elements.