Fin Press – RLB45

Fin Line - RLB45The Tridan Model RLB45 Fin Line has been designed with the low to medium volume producer in mind. This Fin Line can be equipped with a large variety of Fin Dies. These fin dies are used to stamp plate type fins for heat transfer coils.

RLB45 Information

The production application of the Model RLB45 Fin Line is to provide a means of controlling. Also powering ribbon-type fin dies, and thus allowing the efficient mass production of heat transfer-type plate fins. In addition, the RLB45 is a fully integrated system consisting of the Fin Stock, the Fin Press Uncoiling System, Fin Stock Lubricating/Guiding System, Control System, and Automatic Vacuum-type Fin Collecting System.

The standard Fin Stock Lubricator and the Fin Stock Uncoiler with Guide are integrated into the Fin Press Frame. The Fin Collector is designed as a freestanding movable unit, which is bolted directly to the lower main die shoe. Also, the Control System, which contains the majority of the electrical switchgear, is housed in a mobile console. This is to provide isolation from vibration.

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