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Features Rich for Fin Press and Die

Fin Press and Die

Fins are an important part of the heat transfer process with any coil. They also account for 70% of the heat transfer. A fin press and die should accomplish certain factors when stamping out a fin.

The first a fin die does is it does not make all the edges straight. The reason for this, the leading edge is usually rippled so it can break up the air as it hits the fan. The second point is the fin is not flat. Also, it is designed to be corrugated to help the air bounce back and forth. The third factor, in the fin the tube diameter holes are punched through the fins to match the diameter and the number of tubes that may be connected. Finally, the fin collar is made when the tube hole is punched.

Fin Press and Die

At Tridan International, we have provided companies with quality reliable hydraulic fin press for decades. Our machines can handle high or low volume workloads and are always reliable. In addition, our machines are also available with multiple fin sizes. The fin and die presses available are:

High Volume

Medium Volume

Low Volume

Accessories – Fin Production

When it comes to providing the HVAC industry with the proper fin and die press machines, the industry leader is Tridan International. We pride ourselves with top of the line customer satisfaction and stand by our products. Along with the fin production machines, we have an extensive line of accessories to make the job easier. Accessories such as die cart, stock dolly, and much more.

Finally, contact Tridan today and see why we are the industry leader in fin production machines!

Fin Press Machines for High, Medium and Low Volumes

Fin Press MachinesTridan International offers a wide selection of fin press machines to choose from. Our fin press machines are available in a variety of press sizes. Also we offer accessories for your fin press. No matter the size of demand, we have the perfect machine for you.

High Volume Fin Press Machines

For large manufacturing jobs, our high volume fin presses are the perfect fit. Furthermore models such as our Fin Collector VC-3wp, the Fin Press HFP75 and the Fin Press RLC75F can handle the largest jobs.  The HFP75 model combines state of the art guiding system with a traditional mechanical press frame technology. Our high volume fin press is designed to improve productivity for any job.

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