Fin Presses and Production Machines

Fin Presses and Production Machines

In 2018 Tridan International became part of the Innovative Automation family. By being part of this great partnership we can offer unprecedented variety in fin presses and fin production machines. The fin is one of the most important parts of the heat exchanger system. At Tridan we offer the best options and machines to use in creating fins. Also, our machines can handle any volume of work you need.

Fin Presses

In addition to fin production, we offer an extensive line of fin presses as well through Innovative Automation.  Innovative Automation offers these presses to choose from:

  • SMRP24 Fin Manufacturing Cell
  • SMRP20 Press & Cutoff Lines
  • SMRP20 Fin Press
  • SMRP24 Fin Press

The most popular of the presses is the SMRP24. This is a feature-rich machine with features such as servo-driven control. Also, it can form material as heavy as 0.020″ thickness. Of course this just one of the many we have. The presses are offered in varying capabilities and widths depending on your needs.

Fin Production

In addition to the presses, we offer a variety of other machines to get the job done. Items such as fin collectors, fin die, and fin uncoiler are all available. Accessories are also available for all your fin production machines. Die carts, a fin stock dolly, and a fin stock threader are all available. These accessories make your job easier and speed up the production of your fins. When it comes to heat exchangers and their production of them your best source is Tridan International and Innovative Automation.

Fin Press Manufacturers

With decades of combined experience between the two companies, it will benefit you greatly. If you have any questions about the presses give us a call today at 734-442-0100. If you would like to learn more about Tridan machines and service call us at 217-443-3592. Finally, contact us today and find out more!