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New Model RLB Fin Press Discount

Limited Time Special Offer

This is a one time offer to purchase a New Model RLB Fin Press including all the features in the image below, less the Fin Die, Bolster Plate, Vibration Isolators and Fin Collector. The limited quantity of presses are available in 4 weeks or less and during this special offer, there will be a full 5% off discount off of the standard ex-works price. These machines will be sold on a “First Come, First  Served” basis and cannot be held.

Increase Your Value for the Model RLB Fin Press

Purchase a complete line including the Fin Die, Bolster Plate, Vibration Isolators, Fin Collector and the recommended Spare Parts and receive a 7% discount off of the entire Ex-Works value. We will provide a 12 to 16 week completion on this full line, dependent on the design of the Fin Die. Also at Tridan International, we have an extensive line of Fin Press machines to choose from.

Additionally, Tridan offers the HFP75 Fin Press and other coil production machinery and tooling. Finally, please contact us today with any questions or to take advantage of this one-time special offer.

Model RLB Fin Press


Industry Leading Fin Production Machines – by Tridan

Industry leading fin production machines manufacturer Tridan International Inc. is one of the nation’s leading Fin Machine manufacturers. At Tridan International we have fin production machines for all types of work volume. In addition, we have machines that can handle low-volume production, medium-volume production, and high-volume production.

Our low-volume fin production machines include:

The medium-volume fin production machines include:

Finally, our high-volume fin production machines include:

Tridan – Industry Leading Fin Machine Manufacturer

With over 50 years of experience and customers in over 60 different countries, it is no wonder why Tridan is the industry standard in fin production machines. Also, our machines can handle any work load and models like the RLC75F can handle some of the biggest volume. The RLC75F Fin Press can provide maximum productivity with easy and quick setup.

RLC line was introduced in 1971 and has been improved and refined over the years to make it one of the world’s best fin production presses. Also, Tridan’s tube fabrication, coil expansion, and fin production machines have a proven track record and are built to last for years of dependable operation. In today’s competitive environment, it is important to have machinery that has the strength to withstand the forces of daily production. Tridan is here to help coil manufacturers maintain a reliable ow of accurately produced parts, year after year.

Furthermore, Tridan also prides itself in customer service. In the fin production industry, no other company comes close to Tridan’s dedicated customer service. Need service for your machine? No problem, simply fill out our service form and we will contact you about your machine. Finally, with a great reputation of service and excellent products, Tridan is the clear choice for fin production machines, contact us today or place your order for your next machine!


Heat Exchanger Production

Heat Exchanger Production

What exactly is heat exchanger production? A plate-fin heat exchanger for example, is a heat exchanger that uses finned chambers and plates to transfer the heat between fluids. This type of heat exchanger is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace and cryogenics. Aluminum alloy fin heat exchangers have been used in the aircraft industries for decades. At its core, a heat exchanger is just a device that is used to transfer heat to different fluids.

Some of our machinery for heat exchanger production includes the Fin Press – HFP75. This machine is designed for high volume manufactures of heat exchanger coils. The Fin Press-HFP75 is designed with features to improve productivity and little set up time.

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Fin Press Machines for High, Medium and Low Volumes

Fin Press MachinesTridan International offers a wide selection of fin press machines to choose from. Our fin press machines are available in a variety of press sizes. Also we offer accessories for your fin press. No matter the size of demand, we have the perfect machine for you.

High Volume Fin Press Machines

For large manufacturing jobs, our high volume fin presses are the perfect fit. Furthermore models such as our Fin Collector VC-3wp, the Fin Press HFP75 and the Fin Press RLC75F can handle the largest jobs.  The HFP75 model combines state of the art guiding system with a traditional mechanical press frame technology. Our high volume fin press is designed to improve productivity for any job.

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