Powered Tube Benders – PB-2

Powered Tube Benders - PB-2The TRIDAN® Model PB-2 Powered Tube Bender is a heavy-duty tube bender with all its tube bending functions hydraulically powered. It is designed for copper, aluminum, mild steel, and brass alloy tubing having outside diameters’ between 5/16” (7.94mm) and 1-3/8” (34.9mm). The PB-2 bends one tube per cycle and is capable of producing multiple bends in the same tube with a minimum tangent length between successive bends.

Power Tube Benders

The PB-2 Bender was designed with the unique requirements of heat transfer coil production in mind and the versatility makes it particularly adapted to the production of bends for many air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Of course, this is just of the many types of hairpin benders we offer at Tridan International.  In addition to the power tube benders, we offer the AHBH, AHBM, AHBQ, and many others.  The AHBH is an automatic hairpin bender that offers an automatic hopper feed.

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