AHBQ – Automatic Mandrel Type

AHBQ - Automatic Mandrel TypeThe Model AHBQ-4 Qual-Ekon Automatic Hairpin Bender is one of a family, of six level-wound coil fed hairpin benders built by TRIDAN; which utilize an orbital type chip-free(chipless) tube cutoff system. The Model AHBM-4 processes four (4) hairpins per cycle, while the Model AHBV-4 six (6) hairpins per cycle.

In addition, all three models are available in a combination Hairpin Bender -Straight & Cut-to-Length Line version, which allows production of either hairpins or straight tube lengths from the same machine.

The production application of the TRIDAN Model AHBQ-4 is to produce hairpin bends from level-wound coiled tubing of copper or aluminum. It is a fully integrated system consisting of a Tube Straightening, Sizing, and Lubrication Section, adjustable-length Tube Feeding Section, a chipless Tube Cutoff Section, and Hairpin Bender Section.

Supporting equipment include a Tube Decoiling System. The Control System is designed in such a manner that all operations are sequenced fully automatically or may be individually placed under manual control.