Medium Volume

Fin Collector – VC-2RM

The collection arms are located side-by-side and reciprocate back and forth under the Vacuum Unit. Since this shuttle type is primarily used for longer fin lengths and heavy fin stock materials, the arms are supported on recirculating ball-type bushings, which run on turn ground and polished shafting. In addition, the arms maybe separated so the neither arm is located under the Vacuum Unit, which is helpful during set up of the die.

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Fin Die – RDVS

During the past thirty years TRIDAN has been steadily developing and improving fin die technology and design. In 1971 a Self-Contained Pull Feeding System was developed, which simplified and radically reduced the time requirements for die changes. This S-C Feeding System eliminated the concept of “captive” dies within fin press. In 1974 a SuperForm Fin Collar Forming Station was designed and developed, which further improved TRIDAN’s existing die design.

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Fin Line – RLB45

The Tridan Model RLB45 Fin Line has been designed with the low to medium volume producer in mind. This Fin Line can be equipped with a large variety of Fin Dies, which are used to stamp plate type fins for heat transfer coils.

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