Low Volume

Low Volume FinMaster - Press (FM-4)

Low Volume FinMaster – Die (FMTS)

In conjunction with the Model FM-4 FinMaster™, Tridan has developed a comprehensive and dedicated system of stamping tooling stations for the progressive forming of plate-type fins or other needed manufacturing components.

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FinMaster – Collector (VC-2SM)

Tridan® has chosen the Swing-type to be used in conjunction with the Upper Vacuum Unit. The Swing-Type combines simplicity, ruggedness and low cost into a design, which allows virtually uninterrupted operation on the FinMaster™, with the implied gains in productivity.

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FinMaster – Press (FM-4)

The Model FM FINMASTER™ Fin Line is one of a family of Fin Lines built by TRIDAN®. While this Fin Line System is specifically designed for the low volume producer, TRIDAN®’s other lines are directed at medium and high volume manufacturers of heat transfer coils for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

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FinMaster – Uncoiler (FSU)

The function of the Fin Stock Uncoiling System is to supply fin material to the Fin Stock Lubrication System and the Fin Tooling in a smooth uninterrupted manner, and with a minimal amount of tension being placed on the fin stock.

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