Lubricants For The Coil Manufacturing Industry

Lubricants For The Coil Manufacturing Industry

Tridan International offers a complete line of lubricants for the coil manufacturing industry. Our lubricants are created to provide optimum performance for coil manufacturing machines and other equipment. We carry fin stock lube, hydraulic oils, tubing lube, and miscellaneous lube.  In addition, we pride ourselves in quality and we have a quality management program that guarantees the best product possible.

Coil Manufacturing Industry Oil and Lube

The quality management program analyzes the statistical process and controls both the incoming raw materials and outgoing finished product. Also, our quality control program tests include tests for:

  • X-Ray Fluorescent Analysis
  •  Infrared Analysis
  • Viscosity
  • API Gravity
  • Flash Point
  • Pour Point
  • Floc Point Falex Lubrication
  • Moisture
  • Ph
  • Acid Number
  • Base Number

Tridan’s lubricants are thoroughly tested to perform for forming and tool life properties. In addition, the lubricants are compatible with the old and new generation of refrigerants. Mineral or Petroleum-based lubricants need to be removed from the coil either by vapor degreasing or through the use of aqueous cleaner. With these type of lubricants create a superior fin collar drawing capabilities in addition to the best possible protection for an extended tooling life.

Lubricants in general, do not require cleaning. These types of lubricants are known as evaporative. This means that most of the lubricant will evaporate from the fin’s surface. Also, there are some lubricants that are used for tube bending and expansion, that will not evaporate and stay on the tubing. Of course, Tridan lubricants are compatible with refrigerant oils. We also offer TriLub HYD-AW series hydraulic oils that are available in ISO 32, 46, and 68 grade.

This just covers some of the great lubricants and oil we have available at Tridan. Call us today at 217-443-3592 to learn more about all our available lubricants and oils. Finally, contact us now and see all the advantages Tridan can provide for your business.