Evaporators: Uses and Applications

Evaporators are crucial components for heat exchangers. That is why Tridan offers machines that produce evaporators and condensers. However, you might be wondering what specific uses evaporators have.

Functions of an Evaporator

The primary purpose of an evaporator is to absorb heat from a medium (typically liquid) and convert it into vapor. This process allows heat to be removed from the system, allowing the machine to function properly. Evaporators are designed as coils to increase surface area and uniform cooling throughout the machine. Also, coils are easier to manipulate and install. These coils are installed inside the machine, making evaporators effective for refrigerators and HVAC systems. This is what sets evaporators apart from condensers, which are installed outside the machine.

Many types of evaporators and condensers will remove heat from one area and move it to another. At Tridan International, we manufacture machines to make heat exchanger coils for cooling hydraulic fluid.  Caterpillar tractors, swamp coolers, air handlers, water cooling systems, and water heaters are some examples. Also, anything with a tube and fin coil is used for heat exchanger applications.Evaporator Coil

Specific Evaporator Uses

Heat Recovery Evaporators

One of the evaporators used is a heat recovery evaporator that is made to pump seawater or other liquid feed sources into a chamber in the base of the evaporator.  Once pumped, the liquid then submerges in a heat exchanger and the low-temperature boiling begins. Furthermore, as the steam vapor rises, it contacts a cold condenser tube bundle and condenses it back to a liquid. Then, the distillate is collected and pumped into a clean water holding tank.

There are many benefits of having a heat recovery evaporator to create fresh water. Here are A few of its advantages:

  • Reduces energy requirements
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Long-term economic advantage
  • Cleaning is not required
  • Easy and safe

Oil Field Evaporators

Oilfield evaporators help to remove produced water that often contains salt, oil grease, and various natural inorganic and organic compounds. In addition, many suppliers to the oil industries are based and work in Oklahoma and Texas, where demand is high. Although these types of evaporators can be quite difficult to work with, a few advantages of owning one are:

  • Cost-effective produced water removal system
  • Meets many government regulations
  • Can rapidly increase the evaporation process
  • Relatively compact, reliable, and efficient
  • Can be transported to different sites

Tridan International Manufacturing Company

Tridan International is very well known as an industry leader in the supply of machinery for the production of evaporators and condensers. Also, Tridan is now a part of the Innovative Automation family.  The machinery that we produce is typically used in manufacturing refrigeration systems and air conditioning. If you are interested in learning more about our condenser and evaporator coil-making equipment, please contact us. Finally, we are a company you can depend on.