Machinery for the Production of Evaporators and Condensers


Tridan International is an industry leader in the supply of machinery for the production of evaporators and condensers. This machinery is usually used in manufacturing refrigeration systems and air conditioning. When producing condenser coils or evaporators you need equipment you can depend on. Reliable equipment from Tridan International.

Condensers and What They Do

Condenser coils are an integral part of your heating and cooling system. The condenser coils are located outside the home or building, while the evaporator is usually inside the building. The primary purpose of the condenser coil is to remove the heat from the refrigerant. The heat is removed from the air above the coil and the refrigerant then cools and turns back into a liquid.

The heat is blown away from the coils, which cools the content inside the coil. In an air conditioning unit, when you feel the hot air being blow through the top, this is the heat from the coils.

Evaporators and How They Work

As mentioned earlier, the evaporators are located inside the building or home. The evaporator is normally located on the furnace or in an air handler device. Inside the evaporator is a liquid refrigerant that will absorb the heat from the air. The cooler air is now pushed through the ducts and vents into the building, while the hot air is sent outside to the condensers.

Companies that build air conditioning units and need to manufacture the coils for the evaporators or condensers use Tridan International machines to get the job done. Our tube fabrication machines can provide you with the exact type of bend and look you need for your parts.  The world wide use of our machines proves that Tridan is one of the most reliable brand names today.

Finally, if you would like to request a quote for one of our machines, please click here or give us a call at 217-443-3592. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and strive for 100% customer satisfaction!