Evaporative Lube – Tubing


Lubricants that do not require cleaning are generally referred to as evaporatives, because a majority of the lubricant evaporates from the fin’s surface. However, there are some lubricants (primarily used for tube bending and expansion) that do not evaporate and remain on the tubing’s surfaces. These Tridan Lubricants are compatible with refrigerant oils as well as both old and new generations of refrigerants. The major disadvantage of these non-cleaning lubricants is their limited ability to drawing high fin collars.

COIL PRODUCTION NOT UTILIZING A CLEANING PROCESS – These lubricants remain on the components and are compatible with secondary process.

TL-80AX – Copper
TL-80BX – Copper
TL-45AEX (non-evaporative) – Copper*
TL-75FEX (non-evaporative) – Copper*

TL-88BXM – Aluminum
TL-88EY (non-evaporative) – Aluminum*

*These are a synthetic lubricants designed for the bending and expansion of tubing that is compatible with brazing operations without cleaning.

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