Fin Press – RLC75F

Fin Press - RLC75FThe RLC-Series is designed primarily for use with the Model RDVS-type of Ribbon Fin Die, which employ TRIDAN’s Self-Contained Pull Feed-type Die Feeding System. And the combination of the RDVS Fin Die and the RLB Fin Line has helped in eliminating the concept of “captive” dies within fin press, since coil manufacturers are able to use several Fin Dies in one Fin Line.

The first RLC-Series Fin Lines were built in 1971, as a replacement for the older RL-Series of Fin Lines, which were designed and develop by the founders TRIDAN prior to its formation, while employed by one of the world’s leading O.E.M. coil manufacturers.

The combination of the RLC-Series Fin Line and RDVS-type Fin Die will provide the coil manufacturer with Maximum Productivity, Simple and Rapid Setups, Low Cost Maintenance Procedures, the Minimum in Floor Space Requirements, and a Forty-five Minute Die Changeover Time – All at a very Moderate Cost.