Tube Forming Machinery

Tube-forming machinery refers to a category of industrial machines used in the manufacturing and shaping of metal tubes and pipes. These machines are commonly used in various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Tube-forming machinery can perform various processes to create tubes with different shapes, sizes, and properties.

Tridan International is a leader in the manufacture of tube-forming machinery. In fact, Tridan has several adaptations to serve your specific tube-forming machinery needs.

Hairpin BendersSome of the common types of tube-forming machinery that we offer include:

Tube Benders

Tube bending machines are used to bend metal tubes into various shapes, such as curves, angles, and complex geometries. These machines are essential for applications where precise and consistent tube bending is required, such as in the production of exhaust systems, handrails, and furniture.

Tube Straightener/End Forming

These machines are used to shape the ends of tubes, including processes like expanding, flaring, swaging, beading, and threading. As a result, Tube end-forming machines are crucial for creating connections and joints in tubes for various applications.

Hairpin Benders

These machines are also known as hairpin tube bending machines. They are specialized equipment used in various industries, particularly in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and refrigeration sectors. In addition, machines are designed to bend straight tubing into a U-shaped or hairpin configuration, often used in the construction of heat exchangers and evaporator coils.

Return Benders

Generally refers to a specific type of machinery used in the tube and pipe bending industry. These machines bend tubes or pipes into a configuration where the tube returns to itself. These include the U-shape or circular shape. Return benders are used in industries such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), automotive, and furniture manufacturing, among others. These machines are used to produce components. These components include heat exchanger coils, metal furniture frames, exhaust systems, and other parts that require bent tubing. Their designs will vary based on the specific bending requirements.

Header Machinery

Header machinery refers to a type of industrial equipment used in various manufacturing processes, particularly in the production of headers. Headers are components typically found in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and construction industries, among others. There are different types of headers, including bolt headers, wire headers, pin headers, and more. Each type serves a specific purpose and requires specialized machinery for its production. Furthermore, components often serve as connectors, fasteners, or distributor points for pipes, wires, or other components. Header machinery is used to create, shape, and modify these components to meet specific design and functional requirements.

Accessories – Tube Fabrication

In the context of tube fabrication, accessories refer to various components, tools, and equipment used in the manufacturing, assembly, and finishing of tubes and pipes. These accessories are essential for creating, modifying, and assembling tube-based products across various industries to help meet all of the end needs of your tube manufacturing processes.

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