Tube Expanding Process

Tube Expanding

Tube expansion is an important process for a multitude of industries. By expanding the diameter of the tube you avoid having to purchase all new tubing. Tube expansion is the process of reducing a tube wall. But maintaining and compressing the outer diameter of a tube against a fixed container. For tube expansion, there are some steps you should take prior to expanding.

Steps For Tube Expanding

The first step is to know the tube hole size and then also know the outside diameter. Next, you will need to subtract the outside diameter from the hole dimension. Then you will need to determine the inside diameter of the tube. Also, by adding the inside diameter to the clearance between the outside diameter you will learn the tube’s inside diameter for the metal-to-metal contact. These are some of the initial steps you should take before attempting to expand the tube.

Tube Expansion Equipment

Of course, to perform proper tube expansion you need the right equipment for the job. At Tridan International, we have an extensive line of tube-expanding equipment. We have options such as our horizontal coil expansion, vertical expansion, semi-portable expansion, and tube end expansion.

Our horizontal expansion equipment such as the Cellular Horizontal Expander is designed for expansion and final belling of tubes at the same time. The Double Sided Conventional is built with space saving in mind and low maintenance. Also, our Flexpander is developed for even more space-saving for any size shop. Finally, if you are looking for a handheld device to help with expansion the Tube End Sizer is the perfect fit.

As you can see, Tridan International has been providing companies with the proper tube-expanding equipment for decades and we have a large selection to fit any needs. So request a quote today and see what Tridan can do for you!