Tube End Sizer – BTM

Tube End Sizer - BTMThe TRIDAN Model BTM-1 TUBE END SIZER is a semi-portable hand-held device designed for the sizing of thin walled copper tubing of diameters 3/8″ (9.525mm) to 3/4″ (19.05mm). Also, its operation is extremely simple with the operator placing the specially designed expanding collets inside the tube end to be belled or sized. then activating the thumb switch, and the tube ends are then belled to the pre-set inside diameter.


The BTM-1 consist of the basic sizing unit with thumb switch, a One (1) HP- Two (2) GPM self-contained hydraulic power unit, motor starter, and hydraulic hoses.

The interchange sizing collets are contained on the face of the BTM-1 by a holding and clamping plate arrangement. Also, the collets are designed for a specific unsized tube ID (closed collet position) and sized tube ID (open collect position). Furthermore, the depth of sizing is also preset by the design of the collet.

A Tool Balancing Device is available to neutralize the weight of the MULTI-TUBE END SIZER during use. In addition, the Model TB-1 Tool Balancer, which is proposed, has an 80 to 90 Pounds (36/41Kg) weight capacity. It also features seven (7) Feet (213cm) of cable travel with an automatic safety lock.