Three Fin Manufacturers Better Together

Three Fin Manufacturers Better Together

Without a doubt, the three fin manufacturers are better together. In 2018, three heat exchange companies came together into one ownership group. Each of these companies is still able to keep its unique qualities while benefiting from the shared experience. Tridan is a member of this prestigious group. However, what is the other fin manufacturers that make up this group?

Tridan International

First of all, let’s talk about Tridan International. Founded in 1966, our company has been the leading-edge supplier of flat fins all over the world. Our dedication to designing and engineering presses that are superior in durability, dependability, and support has made Tridan a lead in the heat exchange industry. Our fin presses come in high volume, medium volume, and low volume to fit the needs of the industries we serve. Coiled tube straighteners are available. However, we do much more. Though, this article is about our partners.

Innovation Automation

Founded in 2000, Innovation Automation is a Michigan-based company has its focuses on engineering and designing the best-in-class stamped machinery presses. In addition to supply fins, this company also supplies core builders, fin plyers, fin traders, fluxing lines, tube stuffers, tooling, and much more. Innovation Automation focuses on creating unique solutions for each unique application. This company does work for companies outside the standard heat exchange. So, regardless of the market or industry, Innovation Automation prides itself on unique solutions for its clients.

Livernois Engineering

Livernois Engineering was founded in 1949. As a result, this company has over 70 years of experience in heat exchange technology. Livernois Engineering is respected in the industry for its role from heat exchange fin mills. In combination with advanced designs, engineering, and production roll form tooling, Livernois is a market-leading company in the heat exchange industry. They also supply core builders, form rollers, tube mills, and automation lines. Livernois’ products and services are used by radiators, heaters, condensers, evaporators, oil coolers, and other heat exchange products.

Three Manufacturers are Better Together

Three fin manufactures are better together. Without a doubt, Tridan has grown alongside Livernois Engineering and Innovation Automotive. Each company specializes in different industries and qualities. Without a doubt, these companies are better together! So, visit Triden or one of its partners today!