High Volume

High Volume Fin Collector-VC-3WP

High Volume Fin Collector – VC-3WP

Three-position rotary type stacker for powered index. Single blower and shroud for vacuum system – for aluminum fins only. Our standard construction for ribbon-type fin dies is a manually operated twin shuttle. This design type has proven to be most efficient in operation; it requires the minimum floor space and is of moderate cost. TRIDAN® also offers automatic power driven collector units.

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Fin Press – HFP75

The Model HFP75 press is engineered for use by high volume manufactures of heat exchangers coils. It combines traditional mechanical press frame technology with a state of the art guiding system and operator friendly controls to form a unique press to run fin dies.

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Fin Press – RLC75F

The RLC-Series is designed primarily for use with the Model RDVS-type of Ribbon Fin Die, which employ TRIDAN’s Self-Contained Pull Feed-type Die Feeding System. And the combination of the RDVS Fin Die and the RLB Fin Line has helped in eliminating the concept of “captive” dies within fin press, since coil manufacturers are able to use several Fin Dies in one Fin Line.

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