Livernois Engineering Now Live!

Livernois Engineering Now Live!

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Livernois Engineering site! Livernois Engineering (LE) was established in 1949 in Detroit, and quickly became one of the leaders in heat exchange technology and manufacturing solutions.

Livernois History

LE has been in business since 1949 and was created by Ben Wallis.  The Wallis family ran the company up until 1999 at which time it was sold to several different ownership groups until it was finally bought by Innovative Automation in 2018. Along with this acquisition, Innovative Automation also acquired Tridan International.  This newly formed group allows them to offer advanced manufacturing solutions for virtually any heat exchanger application.

Livernois Engineering has begun to reestablish its technical dominance in support of heat exchanger manufacturing. They have modernized the development, manufacturing, and testing of roll form tooling, and prototyping capacity has been developed and increased.

Better Together

By being a part of this three-company group, Livernois, Tridan and Innovative Automation can offer more solutions than any other company. In addition, the talent of the people working for us is unmatched. Also, our employees are some o the best and brightest minds working today.  The manufacture of heat exchangers has always been and continues to be, complex and challenging. the industry is constantly evolving every day.

The heat exchanger is a crucial aspect of many industries. For example electric vehicle battery cooling. EV battery cooling, recuperative energy collection, and many other technologies are only practical through recent advancements in heat exchanger technology. We are committed to the development of automation and tooling that will support the evolving requirements for heat exchanger manufacturing.

Visit Livernois Engineering today. Finally, if you have questions about any of our company’s products or services please contact us today.  We are always excited to hear from our customers and are willing to answer any questions they may have!