HVAC System Manufacturers Oklahoma

HVAC System Manufacturers

Are you looking for an HVAC System Manufacturer in Oklahoma? At Tridan International, we have been supplying HVAC companies with the machines they need to build their systems. Our machines can handle fin production, tube fabrication, coil expansion, microchannel tube processing, or lubricants. We have everything you need for HVAC, which we supply throughout the country.

Tridan International has been supplying the state of Oklahoma for decades. We have many large clients in Oklahoma and offer great shipping to the state. A popular type of product we supply in Oklahoma is our fin production machines. We offer a large selection of press sizes to choose from.  In addition to the press itself, we also offer accessories for the press. Accessories such as die carts, fin stock dolly, and a fin stock threader.

Oklahoma Tube Fabrication For HVAC System Manufacturers

When it comes to tube bending or straightening your source for machines is Tridan. Also, end-forming machines are available, machines such as our STMC, Saw Cutoff, or Extrusion Straightener. We also carry benders such as the AHBQ/SL, AHBM/SL, AHBV/SL, or the MB (manual bender). Of course, we have a list of accessories to accompany the machines, such as USB-2-2C, USB-2-2CBP, or the Tube Trim Saw.

Even though our machines are built to last, even the best machines can break down from time to time. Our parts and service department can help you with any repair you need. Simply use our easy service form or give the service department a call at 217-554-7532. The experienced technicians in our service department can solve any problem you are having.

With large clients all over the country, in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and many other states, Tridan is the best HVAC System Manufacturer in the country. Finally, give us a call today at 217-443-3592 and see what we can do.

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