HVAC System Manufacturers California

HVAC System Manufacturers California

HVAC system manufacturers in Califonia, know that to build the proper systems they need Tridan equipment to get the job done. The California heat can be quite extreme at times, so building a reliable HVAC system for customers is essential. When building this system you need the proper equipment to produce the components you need. That is where Tridan International comes in. At Tridan they have all the production equipment you need to produce quality components.

California Fin Production

Fin production is an important part of building an HVAC system. In addition, having the proper equipment to build the fins is invaluable. At Tridan, we offer a full lineup of fin production machines to choose from. Our machines can handle high-volume, medium-volume, and low-volume workloads. Also, we carry all the accessories you need for your machine. Accessories such as the die cart, fin stock dolly, and fin stock threader are all available.

One of our featured high-volume fin production machines is the Fin Press – RLC75F. This machine was originally designed in 1971 and has been improved throughout the years. The RLC75F offers many advantages over other machines. Advantages such as:

  • Maximum Productivity
  • Simple and Fast Setups
  • Low-Cost Maintenance Procedures
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirement
  • Moderate Cost


Are you looking for an HVAC System Manufacturer in Oklahoma? At Tridan International, we have been supplying HVAC companies with the machines they need to build their systems. Our machines can handle fin productiontube fabricationcoil expansionmicrochannel tube processing, or lubricants. We have everything you need for HVAC, we supply it throughout the country.

Tridan International has been supplying the state of Oklahoma for decades. We have many large clients in Oklahoma and offer great shipping to the state. A popular type of product we supply in Oklahoma is our fin production machines. We offer a large selection of fin press sizes to choose from.  In addition to the press itself, we also offer accessories for the press. Accessories such as die carts, fin stock dolly, and a fin stock threader.

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Tube Fabrication

Of course, fin production is just one area that Tridan can help you with. Tridan carries tube fabrication equipment, coil expansion, and much more. With decades of experience, the experts at Tridan International can answer all your questions about our equipment and how it can benefit you and your company. From Tridan’s highly rated parts and service to reliable equipment, the clear choice is Tridan.

Finally, give Tridan International a call today at 217-443-3592 or request a quote on any of the equipment you are interested in. If you need parts or services please use our easy form!