Hole Pierce/Extrude – MPE


The TRIDAN® Model MPE Header Hole Pierce/Extrude Machine was developed to meet the requirements of coil manufacturers to effectively produce high-quality header tubes. The MPE will produce a header tube with tube connector holes that provide the ideal brazed joint between the connecting tube and the header.

The MPE provides a completely unique process for forming the tube holes in the header tube. The tube holes produced have both an inward and outward extending flange. This configuration of the holes insures the production of headers with both extreme strength and freedom from leaks; since this dual “extruded” flange, provides a large contact area with the tube surface.

The Advantages of the TRIDAN® Header Hole Pierce/Extrude Machine include:

COST REDUCTION – By producing a burr-free hole, which requires little if any secondary deburring operations as compared to a drilled hole.

VERSATILITY – With a wide range of interchangeable tooling available, flexibility is provided, when compared to a dedicated header tube die.

DEPENDABILITY – With a machine and tooling designed for the production line, not limited prototype use.


The production application of the TRIDAN® Model MPE is producing tube holes in hard copper header tubing in lengths through 36″ (914mm), and having outside diameters between 1/2″ (12.7mm) and 6-1/2″ (165.1mm).

It is a fully integrated system consisting of the Header Tube Clamping Section and the Hole Forming Section. Both sections are mounted on a machined base plate, which also serves as the top of the weldment-constructed hydraulic reservoir. This over-sized reservoir is an integral part of the machine’s frame. Also it is furnished with a liquid level gauge and thermometer, as standard equipment.

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