Brazing Fixure – NBF


The TRIDAN® Model NBF Header/Nipple Fixture was developed to meet the requirements of coil manufacturers to effectively produce high quality header tubes with nipples. The NBF will provide depth location of the nipple into the main header tube and precisely locate the nipple during the brazing operation.

The Advantages of the TRIDAN® Header/Nipple Fixture include:

COST REDUCTION – By providing rapid loading, insertion, and location of the nipples into the header tubes.

VERSATILITY – With a wide range of interchangeable tooling available, flexibility is provided, when compare to a dedicated header tube die.

DEPENDABILITY – With a machine and tooling designed for the production line, not limited prototype use.


The production application of the TRIDAN® Model NBF is to accurately hold nipple tubes in the correct location to allow them to be hand brazed into a header. This machine is designed for headers with a maximum length of 8′ (2438mm), an outside diameter of 4-1/2″ (114.3mm) and nipple lengths up to 6″ (152mm).

It is a fully integrated system consisting of the Header Tube Clamping Section, Header Support Section, Header Offset Section and Adjustable Nipple Fixture Retainer Section. All sections are design to work in conjunction with the Specially Designed Tooling Pattern Plates.